Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Science Class: 3/22-3/24

Please complete all the steps in order when given time to use the Chromebooks during class.

1. Complete your Chapter 16 Test on Schoology.  - Due 3/23

2. Complete: Webquest: Tornadoes and Hurricanes - Due 3/28 
3. Complete any late work that you owe.  
4.  Once have completed all the steps listed above, please choose from the following options.  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Delaney L. is the 2017 Carson Scholar!

Delaney L. has been selected as the 2017 Carson Scholar for the Canonsburg Middle School. A teacher is permitted to nominate and submit an application for one student out of the entire school who fits the description of a Carson Scholar. The contest was open to all students at the Canonsburg Middle School who met the academic requirements. Mrs. Porter was Delaney's nominating teacher and was required to write about her reading activity, attitude toward learning, leadership ability, scholastic work ethic, motivation, and achievements. Delaney was also required to list her school activities, extracurricular activities, community service, and she wrote an essay based on a given prompt.

Delaney will receive a $1,000 scholarship award that will be invested for her college education. Her academic achievements and service to her community are what make her a future leader of tomorrow. Delaney will also receive a medal, certificate, and her name on the Carson Scholar Trophy at Canonsburg Middle School. In addition, Delaney has been invited to attend the Pittsburgh Carson Scholars Fund's Annual Awards Banquet.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Symbolic Mask Project

"Is beauty truly in the eye of beholder?" was the essential question that the students focused on while reading and discussing "the lesson of the moth" and "Identity".  After analyzing the symbolism in both poems, the students were tasked with designing their own masks that represented who they are on the inside.  The students were instructed not include images that have to do with their outward appearance.  Instead of the masks covering students' identities, the masks that the students created were used to represent those traits that others may not usually notice.

Pictured above are Jada M. and Jadine V. with their masks. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Science Class: Minerals and Rocks (1/23-1/27 and 1/30)

During class, you will be given time to work on the Chromebooks.  Please complete the following steps in order.

1.  Complete and turn in the "Mineral Identification" Gizmo activity.
  • Website Used: https://www.explorelearning.com/
  • You do NOT need to complete: "3. On your own
  • Note: The Mineral Key is on the last few pages of the packet. 
  • Due: 1/25
2.  Complete and turn in: "Web Activity: Rocks & the Rock Cycle"
  • This assignment will have two separate grades.
    • The packet will be graded for completion.
    • The 15 point quiz at the end of the activity will also be graded.
  • You may take the 15 point quiz at the end of this activity as many times as you like before reporting your score to Mr. Wolf.  
  • If you take the quiz at home, please print the first page that shows your name and score.  You do not need to print the other pages.  
  • The test results AND packet are both due 1/31.
3. Pick from the following options once everything above has been completed:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Flowers for Algernon" Cooperative Reading Groups

The students of Mrs. Porter's English 8 classes are currently reading the short story, "Flowers for Algernon".  Before the students started reading, they discussed identifying character traits, examining the structure of a text, and the author, Daniel Keyes.  The students also discussed how a short story or novel is adapted in to a screenplay, and the author, Stirling Silliphant, who adapted "Flowers for Algernon" into the screenplay, Charly.

While reading the story and the excerpt from the screenplay, the students worked in cooperative reading groups. The students analyzed the story by tracing the main character's dynamic change and his changing character traits.  The students also worked on a discussion guide as a group and analyzed the structure of the text.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Plate Tectonics: Online Activity

During class, you will be given time to work on the "Plate Tectonics: Online Activity."
Once you finish the activity, please turn it in to the bin.  Then choose from the following options:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

CH 7: Plate Tectonics - Vocabulary

NOW OPEN: 2017 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

Information from Discovery Education: As the nation's premier science competition for students in grades 5 through 8, the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge encourages them to explore scientific concepts found in everyday life and creatively communicate their solutions to improve lives in their communities and around the world.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Energy Research Debate Winners: 2016-2017

Period 1 - Fossil Fuels
Period 4-5 - Nuclear
Period 6-7 - Geothermal
Period 10 - Nuclear
Period 11 - Wind

Friday, December 2, 2016

Energy Research Debate Information and Pathfinder

Energy Research Debate (Digital Copy)
Energy Research and Presentation Notes (Digital Copy)

Google Presentation (AKA: Google Slides) Due Date: December 12, 2016
  • Create in Google Drive
  • Share with the following people and give them permission to edit
    • Group Members: Power Companies Only 
    • Mr. Wolf: wolfp@cmsd.k12.pa.us
    • Mrs. Barbarino: barbarinoa@cmsd.k12.pa.us  
    • Mrs. Hixon (Pd. 11 Only): hixone@cmsd.k12.pa.us 
  • How to Name Your Google Presentation (AKA: Google Slides):
    • Power Companies: classperiod_energyresource
      • Example: 4-5_hydropower
        • This would be the name of the file for the power company researching hydropower in my period 4-5 class.
    • Panel Members: classperiod_energyresource_panel
      • Example: 6-7_fossilfuels_panel
        • This would be the name of the file for the panel member researching fossil fuels in my period 6-7 class.
Energy Pathfinder

Please use the following pathfinder to help you get started with your research.  The pathfinder can also be accessed from the library's website.


Energy Resource Quiz (15 Points) - December 16th, 2016

Science Class: 12/2/16

Please complete all the steps in order.

Please complete some of the "Presentation Notes" that are located at the back of your "Energy Research and Presentation Notes" packet while watching the videos.  Headphones are required while watching the videos.

1. Watch - Hydroelectric Power - How it Works

2. Watch - Nuclear Power - How it Works

3. Watch - Chain Reaction - Nuclear Power

4. Watch - Fossil Fuels - Electricity

5. Watch - Energy 101: Wind Turbines

6. Watch - Energy 101: Solar Photovoltaic Cells

7. Watch - GE’s Concentrated Solar Power Plant with Storage

8. If you were absent on Wednesday (11/30) - Watch - Biomass in Pennsylvania

9. If you were absent on Thursday (12/1) - Watch - Geothermal Power Plant

10. If you were absent on Thursday (12/1) - Watch - Solar Powered House - Bill Nye

11. Once you have finished the videos, you may use the rest of the time to research your specific energy resource.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dodgeball Champs and Basketball Half-Court Star!

Congratulations to Supernova homebase 406 for winning the 2016 charity dodgeball tournament.  

Congratulations to Supernova student Owen M. for winning $100 by making a half-court basket.  Owen had the chance to take the shot as a result of his efforts during the cookie dough fundraiser.  


Friday, November 11, 2016

Science Class: 11/11/16

Please complete the following items in order. Please remain quiet and on-task during the entire class period.  Reminder - Egg drop capsules are due Monday!

1. Complete your guided note packet on energy by using the PowerPoint notes.
2. Go to www.explorelearning.com to complete the Pendulum and Roller Coaster Online GIZMO Lab.  You should have picked up this packet upon entering the classroom.
    • Pendulum and Roller Coaster Online Lab (Digital Copy)
    • The "Energy of a Pendulum" portion of the lab, 1st page (front and back), will be graded for completion. 
    • The "Roller Coaster Physics" portion of the lab, 2nd page, will be counted as bonus points if it is completed. 
    • Due Date: 11/16/16
3. If you have not done so already, sketch an egg drop capsule design on your Egg Drop Activity sheet.  
4. If you finish early: 
    • Explore: Energy Skate Park
    • Study your CH 9 Guided Note Packet.
    • Read a book from the "Enrichment Center"

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bridges Kid's Club - Local Volunteer Opportunity

Numerous Canon-McMillan students have volunteered their time with the Bridges Kid's Club in the past.  They are currently in need of new student volunteers! Their current mission is called Operation Santa Military Family Carnival.

Information from their website: “Bridges Kids Club” is a branch of 3 Rivers Wealth Management Group and 3 Rivers Tax & Business Services “Bridges” program that helps to support the Pittsburgh Not-for-Profit community. Bridges Kids Club is a way for local children between the ages of 5 and 19 to give back to other local children in need. By participating in our program our hope is that we can teach a new generation the importance of giving to those less fortunate. We will have several service projects throughout the year as needs arise for local children. Children joining the Bridges Kids Club can participate in as many or as few projects as they would like. When you complete your child’s free membership application, you will be included in our mailing list. As projects arise that meet your child’s age group, we will email you with the details and they can opt in if they are interested.

More Info and How to Sign-Up: http://www.trwmg.com/bridges-kids-club/
Video about the Program: https://youtu.be/yU2dd4-xXgE

Below are some pictures of Canon-McMillan student volunteers from last year's Operation Santa Military Family Carnival.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Science Class: 10/27 and 10/28

Please complete the following items in order. Please remain quiet and on-task during the entire class period.

1. Check your answers on the "CH 8: Work and Machines" guided note packet:
  • Open "Chapter 8 - Work and Machines" PowerPoint.
  • Go to slide 38 and check your answers to the key questions for section 2.  
  • Read through each slide in section 3 of the PowerPoint.  Make sure all of your answers are correct throughout section 3 in the note packet. Examine, in detail, how each simple machine (lever, inclined plane, wedge, wheel and axle, pulley, screw) makes work easier. 
2. Check your answers on the following worksheets:
3. Complete the "Work and Simple Machines" activity.  Once the electronic document loads, you can click on the link at the top of the sheet to take you directly to the website.  This handout was given to you on Wednesday.  Check the make-up folder if you were absent.  Ensure you fill in your answers on the answer sheet as you work through the activity. Ensure that you put words on the blanks and not number when you have to identify how to calculate the mechanical advantage of each simple machine.  Turn in the activity sheet once you are finished.  (Due 11/1/16)

4.  Complete the Schoology test - CH 8: Work and Machines.  Read all the instructions before starting the test.
  • Final Attempt(s) - Due 11/2/16 
5. If you finish early:
Option 1: Work on your Rube Goldberg Project.  Poster paper is on the front lab table.  The project is due 11/7.
Option 2: Click on the following link to explore some interactive websites on simple machines.
Simple Machines: Interactive Websites
Option 3: Complete a "Read and React" paper for bonus.